Why Do Cats Purr

Why Do Cats Purr? Learn All about Cat Purring!

Why Do Cats PurrCat purring is definitely one of the most soothing sounds for cat enthusiasts since this means that their favorite pet is happy and enjoying life. But is that all? Do cats only purr when they are happy? Unfortunately, things are not that simple. Why do cats purr? In fact, there are multiple factors that determine whether or not your cat is going to purr. You can observe your cat for a while and journal the reactions, in order to see it for yourself.

Cats do not only purr when they feel great. They also do that when they are scared or when they want to approach somebody and act friendly. So you see that they are pretty hard to predict. You cannot really be sure if something is enjoyable for an unknown cat on the street or if it makes the cat upset and frightened. Perhaps the signal of purring should be taken with a pinch of salt!

What makes a Cat Purr?

Cat purring is a soothing sound, as stated above. It helps the cat relax and let go of the tension. So when you get home and start petting your cat, the purrs most likely mean that you are doing the right thing. If you know your cat, you have probably realized that by now. But to make things clear for all people out there, it is not yet firmly explained why cats prefer this sound over others. Cats even purr when they are asking for food. A study shows that when a cat is hungry, it can start purring around its owner to indicate that it is hungry. This also happens with kittens looking for food from it’s mother.

Health Benefits of Cat Purring

When your cat purrs, this has a direct impact on the regeneration of bone tissue. This is of great importance, as it helps the body structure to become stronger and more resilient over time. Instead of settling for weaker bones, the cat does everything within its power to enhance its vitality. If you have never noticed a cat purr, you should; it is adorable, and it may even lead to the improvement of the cat’s overall health! Cats can also purr when they are in need of help. If they hurt themselves they could come to you and purr to indicate that they are hurt.

Remarkable Purrs & Causes

Why do cats purr?

This is a question that remains unanswered to this day, scientifically speaking. But the truth is that cat purring is a delightful thing. You can spend endless hours with your cat, listening to its soft sounds. Besides the apparent pleasure highlighted through this form of communication, now you know that there are many other reasons why a cat would purr.

Finding out why do cats purr helps you find out more about your cat’s behavior, so that you can offer a safe shelter and a place where your pet is understood. This is of the essence, in order to ensure the optimal quality of life for both of you!

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