About me

Abuot Ryan Heinrich


My name is Ryan Heinrich. I have a black cat named Spike and love him to death. I have always had cats in my life from a young age and feel it’s important to have cats in your space, as this helps a person in all sorts of ways through their life.

I am from sunny South Africa, where the life is very different from the life in America. Well actually not so different, but a cats life surely is. Cats in America seem like they are mainly indoor cats, hardly go out, because of all the dangers in the world. In South Africa, most cats are outdoor cats, and live long healthy lives as outdoor cats. My little Spike has been with me for 10 years already and has always been an outdoor cat.



I started this blog for people like-minded that are also cat lovers. I want to educate the public on cats. There are so many people out there that have no idea on how to raise a cat let alone what food is good or bad for your kitty. I want this blog to be a fun place for everyone, i will have quizzes and maybe even some competitions too. Come join everyone on this community, and help it expand to a place where a newbie cat owner or even an advanced cat owner can come and find out something new about their furry friend. I hope to keep all of you entertained to come back and read more. I will be seeking expert advise on alot of my topics, as i am no expert, and if you feel that something i said is not factual, please feel free to correct me and i will correct whatever i have written.

I will be discussing many topics on this blog and if there is something you would like to know, or would like me to write an article on, please email me at info@www.kittydesires.com

To all the cat lovers out there I say MEOW!!