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Common Cat Health Problems

Kitty playingIf you are new to buying a cat, you may be surprised to get medical problems that are common. No matter what breed connected with the cat you own, cat health problems should be expected. Some might be hereditary, while others can simply be averted.


No matter what breed connected with cats, worms really are a very common and continual problem. Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms are one of the most common that can effect kittens and cats. Cats who have problems gaining weight, issues with fleas, or if you locate white specks inside his stool, you need to consult your animal medical practitioner and test him for red worms. Although they are often treated together with medicine, worms can be fatal whenever they are still left untreated.


Hairballs are the most frequent health dilemma for kittens and cats. All kittens and cats groom themselves each day, normally taking the loose hair that emanates from their coats. On occasion, this loose hair will gather into a ball and get lodged inside the digestive tract as opposed to passing through as part of your cat’s stool. When your current cat commences to cough, he is generally coughing out a hairball. Although it is usually rather disgusting in the long run, most kittens and cats can dislodge hairballs with no problems.

In rare instances, a hairball can move through to any cat’s intestine, creating a blockage. Blockages are very serious complications, and may be life threatening whenever they aren’t dealt with. If your current cat gets constipated, isn’t going frequently, or features a very unexciting coat, he could have a blockage. If you see such symptoms, you should take him to the vet right away. You may prevent hairballs along with blockages by brushing your current cat a couple of times – 3 x a week to take out loose tresses. You also can feed him food that is built to control hairballs alike.

Urinary system infection

Urinary system infection is additionally a common health problem with kittens and cats. Urinary system infection is more common with male cats that have recently been neutered, although girls can also be afflicted by this problem likewise. When any cat out of the blue stops using his kitty litter box, this problem is generally the case. Another symptom is if the cat’s urine has a strong odor. If an you suspect that your cat has a urinary system infection, you should take him to the vet. Your animal medical practitioner can treat the situation with remedies, and produce recommendations to help you avoid this challenge in the future.

Cat looking upFeline leukemia

Before, feline leukemia was the greatest cause connected with death of cats. These days however, you’ll find vaccines available that will treat the ailment. To treat the ailment, your cat must be granted the opportunity to be vaccinated before it is exposed. While death doesn’t take place immediately, cats that face feline leukemia usually don’t possess a long life span. If you think your cat has feline leukemia, you must not allow other cats around him, since the virus is actually highly contagious.

To defend your cat, you should be sure you take him to the vet with regard to his regular checks. If you take him for regular vaccinations, he should lead a wholesome and successful life. And some health complications can’t be avoided, but many can. You can also keep your current cat indoors, which will protect him from most of health complications. If your current cat is usually an outdoor cat, regular visits to the vet helps keep him healthy. As long as you take your cat to the vet regularly he should be able to avoid cat health problems – he’ll be your companion for a long time.

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