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Top 5 Illnesses And How to Cure Them With Low Carb Cat Food

Everyone should eat a proper diet and take in the right amount carbs, vitamins, and minerals. That goes the same with animals, like cats, too.

Similar to their human counterparts, cats can suffer dire consequences if they do not eat correctly. It’s not much of a revelation, but here’s something you have to understand—cats need a high protein diet and a low carb cat food. Many owners give their cat dry foods or those rich in carbohydrates.

You can’t just give your kitty-cat anything edible and say it’s fine until your pets exhibit severe medical conditions.

Below are health problems that affect cats if they don’t get to eat low carb cat food.

1. Diabetes

We’ve seen photos of fat cats on the net and think it’s funny and cute. But you won’t be laughing your way to the vet.

If you’re a real cat owner, you have to address the issue of your cat’s calorie intake of the food choice you’re giving, because obesity is a serious issue that could lead to diabetes.

When your cat is diabetic, its ability to secrete insulin from his pancreas is terribly weak.  In an article by Catinfo.org, a standard diabetic issue experienced by both humans and cats alike is insulin resistance.  It’s a bit scientific to hear, but read on.

It will result to an elevated blood glucose, also called hyperglycemia, and leads to cellular starvation.  Hyperglycemia will send a message to the pancreas influencing it to secrete more insulin.  A higher amount of insulin in the blood can result in the development of insulin resistance, which, in turn, causes the inability of the cells to use glucose as an energy source.

What you call an override of glucose is glucose toxicity, stemming out of chronic hyperglycemia.  It causes disorders in the cat’s body, especially in the pancreas.  A damaged pancreas would mean your kitty’s abdomen may become swollen. He may be dehydrated and would have low blood pressure.

A low carb cat food in his diet is vital.

2. Bladder Inflammation

Kidney stones can also develop in a cat which can block its urinary tract.

A hospital visit would cost you somewhere $300 to a couple of thousand dollars.

It’s a good thing to have your cat properly hydrated. But you have to know that cats don’t drink water that much. They take most of their water in their food.

Dry food should not be served, but instead, a wet, low carb cat food should be provided. It retains an adequate amount of water for your pet’s urinary tract system and helps regulate the kitty’s organs.

Putting in some broth in his food also helps.

3. Vomiting

It is most commonly caused by inflammatory bowel diseases as this ailment is triggered by an upset stomach or gastric linings. It is highly resulting from the cat’s diet, where the system overreacts to the food. Though cats vomit frequently, you should know when to consider it as normal.

Therefore, if the frequency of his vomiting increases or you see your cat losing weight rapidly, you need to step in and have him checked with the vet.

IBV interferes with how the cat digests his food and be able to absorb nutrients.

Another medical condition on why cats vomit is lymphoma, cancer of the lymphoid tissue. While cancer mainly affects the lymphatic system, there is also cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

If you might want to change your cat’s diet and buy medications that can lessen his vomit issues, you should opt to purchase something high in soluble fiber with high fluid content.

It will lead the hair out through the digestive system to the stool.

4. Fatty Liver Disease

The term describes the buildup of fat in the liver which consists of more than 10 percent of the liver weight. The danger there is that it often comes with no symptoms; therefore no one can know if the cat is suffering from one.

When an unknown ailment causes fatty liver, it can become critical to the cat’s health, especially if the reason is something no one knows.

Feeding low carb cat food keeps your cat from developing fatty liver disease.

A healthy diet is important because if there are plenty of fatty acids in the liver would mean toxicity of the cat’s cells.

If your cat’s liver has become swollen, he may live a life with stomach aches, poor appetite, rapid weight loss, and fatigue.

5. Poor Dental Health

Some people argues that a cat’s teeth will become stronger if it eats dry food because they’re harder compared to wet canned goods. However, the opposite is true.

Cat owners should know that dry food is hard, but a bit delicate, and would crumble on the second the cat eats it.  Catinfo.org also provides that biting is not part of a cat’s nature.  They tear their meat rather than chomping it down to their throats. After tearing, cats just swallow their food.

Tooth decays and gum problems can also happen and will lead your cat to symptoms like bad breath or excessive drooling. In fact, teeth and gum problems lead to diseases of the heart and kidneys.

If you have noticed above, cats have similar problems like their human counterparts. We’re all vulnerable to diseases if we don’t eat a proper diet. For cats, that would be low carb cat food.

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