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Most Exotic Cat breeds

When it comes to exotic cat breeds, most of us will think that the most important breeds should be funny and have soft fur. In fact, not all cats suit your personality and switch to your countries climate condition. Some of the world cats sometimes have their own specifications and specially lived in a certain area. Not all funny looking cats are exotic. This article will give you inspiration about a few exotic cat breeds in the world that will lead to help you choose which cat best suits you.

Sphynx - Exotic cat breeds

  1. Sphynx Cats

Sphynx cats seem to be furless. They are a unique cat that are publicly known as the cat of Pharaoh. Their ear shape is large and has a tiny body. While they are playful they don’t have enough fur on their body, which they can be easily influenced by the conditions or temperature of your climate. In the night, you will realize that this cat will sleep earlier and look for a warm place. They also can’t play outside for too long because the sunlight will burn their skin.

Scottish Fold - Exotic cat breeds

  1. Scottish Fold

The first time you see this cat, the first thing that pop up into your mind is their ear shape. Yes, their ear shape is completely different amongst normal cats. Their ears are folded down below. As a result this influenced their face to make them look like an owl. This Scottish Fold is playful and active, but most of them are not familiar with outdoors.

Teacup Persian - Exotic cat breeds

  1. Teacup Persian

This cat is considered like a usual Persian. The shape of the face, the eyes, their mouth, their ears, body and fur are the same as you would find in common Persian cats. Something different here would be their size. Even though they have reached a mature age, they still look smaller than common cats. That is why, this breed is called a ‘teacup’ you can put this cat into the teacup at their mature age! However, this cat is the most wanted cat in America. They are active, playful, and sometimes you think that they will never grow old because of their size.

Khao Manee - Exotic cat breeds

  1. Khao Manee

This cat breed comes from the Holy Elephant country, Thailand. This cat can’t be easily described since their characteristics are unique. Their shape is like a common cat, having totally white fur, and several kinds of eye colors. Sometimes, they have blue, green, brown, and some others colors in their eyes. Thailand citizen usually called this cat ‘Diamond Eyes’ or ‘White Gem’. This cat likes to cuddle in your body and cry aloud to get what they want like a child. This cat is smart like Eastern cats and able to recognize human commands mostly like a dog.

Those are the most exotic cat breeds in my personal view. Hopefully, this article will give you a clear view about finding the best cat for you.

I will be adding in more breeds shortly, such as the Bengal cat…

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