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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cat Clothing – Guest Post

Emily Parker - CatalogicalToday’s Guest Post “The Do’s and Don’ts of Cat Clothing” is by Emily Watson, the Chief Creative Cat at Catological.com a cat information website. She’s the proud cat parent of two loving kitties. Find out what she’s up to next at catological.com!

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Being pet owners, we tend to humanize our pets. In fact, most Americans tend to see their pets as part of the family. When it comes to cats, we’ll talk to them like they understand English, we give them personalities, and some of us even dress our cats in clothing.

Just like dogs, there’s cat clothing available for all kitties. Most pet stores carry their fair share of cat clothing for you to choose from, and there’s limitless options online. If you ever considered making your cat fashionable, here are some rules you need to know. I’ll teach you the dos, and the don’ts, of dressing up your cat.


Give Your Cat Some Extra Clothing When It’s Cold

If your cat loves the outdoors, you may think her fur coat is enough to survive the winter. While it’s true a cat can tolerate the cold a lot more than a human can, when it’s below freezing, the weather can pose a serious health risk. The cat may develop hypothermia, or suffer frostbite. Besides giving your cat an outdoor shelter to stay warm, putting a kitty coat on it can keep it from suffering adverse health effects whenever you’re bringing it outside for a snow day.


Supervise Your Cat While it’s Wearing Clothes

Don’t leave your cat clothed and alone. While it may seem okay to leave that jacket on your cat, the cat could risk serious injury if left unsupervised. Your cat could become tangled on the clothing, or swallow something that comes off the clothes that it shouldn’t. Watch your clothed kitty at all times, and take off the clothes if something happens.

Halloween CatDo:

Dress Up Your Cat for Halloween

Whenever it’s Halloween season, what better way to celebrate than to give your kitty a costume? Not only will you get your friends talking, but it’s just plain adorable. You can dress up your cat as a bat, Nyan Cat, Batman, Mario, and more. Look for Halloween costumes commissioners online, or if you have the talent, make one yourself.


Take it Slow

Don’t put clothing on your cat right away and expect it to like it. Some cats will be a bit shocked at the sudden change, and you don’t want your cat to be scared. Put the clothing on the cat for short periods, and let it get used to wearing clothes. If you keep the clothing on for too long, the cat may resent you!


Use Positive Reinforcement

When training your cat to wear clothes, use positive reinforcement in order to make the cat wear the clothes for longer. As you put the clothes on kitty, give it a treat, or pet it in its favorite spot. The reward will make the cat want to wear the clothes more often, as it will associate the clothes with a reward.

Gangsta CatDon’t:

Force it

In the last tip, I pointed out that some cats will feel uncomfortable after wearing clothing. With some time and training, they can get adjusted to it, but some cats will never like to wear clothing. And that’s okay! If your cat won’t wear clothing no matter what, don’t force it! Accept that your cat’s fur coat is enough for it.


Give Your Cat Clothing That’s Not a Good Fit

For humans, loose clothing looks ugly, and tight clothing feels inconvenient. For cats, clothing that doesn’t fit very well can cause injury. A cat could become tangled in loose clothing, and it may have trouble moving if the clothes are too tight. Make sure the clothes you buy or make for kitty fit perfectly, and if they don’t, see if there’s a way to adjust its size. It’s more than style when it comes to finding fitting clothing for your cat.

Cat doing laundryDon’t:

Use Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets When Cleaning

You may be tempted to use some fabric softener on kitty’s clothes, or you may throw in a dryer sheet whenever the clothes need to be dried. Don’t. These two things, while okay for humans, can be toxic to cats. If your fabric softener and dryer sheets aren’t already stored away from your cat, do so. For cleaning, look for pet-friendly alternatives. Use a non-toxic cleaner, and hang the clothes out to dry instead of using a dryer. Always remember the best way to clean your furry friend is to give your cat a bath.


Forget to Have Fun

Even though there’s some benefits for cats to wear clothes, remember that you’re putting clothing on your cat for fun. Take lots of pictures, give your cat a fun toy, don’t get hung up if your cat isn’t in the mood to be dressed, and be creative. The Internet loves originality with cats, and if you make something unique, your cat will be engraved online for life. So make something unique for your cat to wear, and post pictures in the comments.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cat Clothing by Emily Watson – Catological.com

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  1. Haha I wish my cat would wear clothes. While we’ve dressed him up in Christmas garb (Elf Cat was my favorite), he hates it. It’s good for about 5 minutes and a cute picture, but we don’t want to torture him! Wish we could get him to like it more!

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