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KatKabin - Cat ScratchingEver feel like your cat just doesn’t want to listen to you?  Don’t get me wrong, one of the biggest reasons we love these fluffy creatures are for their unique personalities.  That being said, they can be incredibly stubborn, sassy and even destructive at times… with their scratching habits topping the list of things you’d change about them, am I right?

While being on “scratch watch” can get old, this is natural behavior for cats. Its important to allow cats to exercise this instinct.  Cats scratch for a number of reasons, to shed old cuticle from their nails, to mark their territory and to exercise their muscles.

If you’ve tried a variety of deterrents to keep them away from scratching furniture, or fallen for cardboard scratchers that just don’t last don’t get discouraged just yet. There are some things you can do to minimize your cat scratching your furniture in your home, which you may not have tried yet.

Here are some tips to help save your furniture and enhance your relationship with your cat:

  1. Maintain their nails.

    Trimming a cat’s nails as part of their regular grooming routine is a very effective way to prevent scratching damage. DO NOT, however declaw a cat, again it’s a natural instinct for them to scratch and declawing can not only be incredibly painful for cats, but also leave lasting negative effects.

  2. Invest in a cat condo with scratching surface.

    If you have a designated place for cats to exercise their scratching instincts and re-direct them to that place every time. They’ll end up losing interest in your own furniture and begin to love their own. The SkratchKabin, for example, comes in variety of colors and matches home décor. This gives cats the chance to relax and exercise their natural instincts to scratch in style.  Thus helping to ensure your sofas and soft furnishings are saved from claw damage.

  3. Make your own furniture unpleasant to them.

    Cats hate citrus and cleaning scents. Try a cleaning product that you can spray on the furniture, as an added precaution. Also, double-sided tape on certain surfaces can be a helpful temporary solution. This helps get cats disinterested in your furniture and more acclimated to their own. When a popular scratching spot is suddenly sticky instead of soothing the cat will abandon it and go elsewhere…like their SkratchKabin (wink, wink).

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