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What You Should Know About your Cat Food

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Cat and Mouse

When giving your cats some food, sometimes we don’t meet their suitable favourite. Whatever your cat’s favorite food, your cat is still a cat and never comes to be a rabbit. It means they are small carnivores. I will be discussing what suitable cat foods you should use when feeding and what facts you should know about when feeding your cat properly.

Cats are not like humans in their food matters. Louise Murray, DVM, vice president of the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in New York stated that feeding cats is completely different with other pets. Murray continued that if humans eat like a cat, humans could suffer from heart disease by the age of 20 years old. Feeding cats is an important activity to keep the balance of meats in your cats diet to his or hers specific needs.

To give your cat the best criteria of cat food, you can choose the cat food with the standards from AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Official). Whatever is said on the box, like ‘natural’, ‘premium’, ’super-premium’, etc the foods standard is the most important thing.

After that, try to let your cat taste it. If your cat doesn’t like the food choice, you must prepare for other choices. It’s because cats are the kind of animal, which will still get hungry if they eat food that they don’t like. This brings you to a conclusion that cats mostly get liver disease for eating the kind of food they don’t like and eating the food improperly. If you plan to give them a different kind of food, try mixing it with their current food. So, your cat will not significantly reject the new food and will make them familiar with the new taste slowly. This action helps you prevent some digestion illness.

Human Food

If you plan to give human food to your cat, you should pay attention to what is suitable. First, you must remember that cats are carnivores; they are not like humans who can survive eating vegetables or meat (omnivore). Cats will never gain sufficient nutrition from vegetables.

Foods like fish are mostly suitable for your cat. Some fish are good and also contain sufficient protein for your cat’s nutrition. Common fish like salmon and others have good potential to make your cat healthy and playful in daily life. Fish is also good for their brain to recognize human commands perfectly.


If you think that your cat can eat mice in your home, it is mostly not recommended. Some cats now hate eating mice. Mice can carry illnesses and dirty bacteria they bring from trash and other dirty places. If cats eat them, cats potentially suffer of illness with digestion. Almost all of cats in today’s world only want to catch a mouse to play with, not eat anymore. However, mice also do not have sufficient protein for your cat.