Kitty Anxiety: How To De-Stress Cats

Kitty Anxiety: How To De-Stress Cats

As a human, it is easy to spot the signs of stress. It can be as subtle as being in a bad mood, or as obvious as hair loss. The point is, we spot and deal it as soon as possible. However, most pet owners can’t say the same thing. It’s not that they don’t value their kitty or its health, but more that they didn’t know it existed. Well, it does exist and can affect your cat’s health just like it can with people. To stop this from happening in the future, here is the action you need to take.

Look Out For Signs Of Poor Health

Cats are strong animals, and they don’t often show their discomfort. Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any after effects going on under the hood. An aching paw, for example, is enough to make a kitty fret on a day to day basis. And, if you don’t spot the issue, those feelings can continue for a very long time. Therefore, it is essential that you watch for any behaviour that isn’t normal. It may be that something is wrong and they need medical attention. Not only will this improve their health, but it will also decrease their stress levels.

Don’t Change Too Much

When you make a change, you never consult your pet. Take moving house as an example. It isn’t like you all sit down and ask it how it feels about the move. Instead, you make the decision and take the cat along for the ride. The issue with this method is that there is no way to know how the kitty will react. It may take it all on the chin and adapt perfectly. Or, it may lash out and have to deal with feelings of anxiety. As the owner, it is your job to nothing changes too much in the cat’s life. That means giving it the same amount of care and attention as before no matter what is happening.

Pamper It

Sure, cats love sitting on their owner’s lap while fingers run through their fur. But, this isn’t professional grooming. It’s more like your partner giving you a massage – it’s nice, but it could be better. Thankfully, there is no reason to worry about your petting skills any longer with the range of cat treatments. From nail clipping to blow dry, the amount of cat grooming treatments is extensive. But, they are not purely an indulgence. Not unlike humans, being pampered takes away the stresses of life.

Don’t Be Controlling

Another way to exorcise stress is to work out. However, some owners hate to let their cats out of sight. Why? It’s because they try to control things that are impossible to predict. Cats need to leave the house and roam outside – fact. Otherwise, they will be cooped up all day and the feelings of stress will be more obvious. No one is saying you should let them go for days on end, but they do need a level of independence.

There you have it. Should your cat display any of the symptoms, you now know how to act.

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