Ensuring Your Furry Friend Knows They Are Loved

When you have a furry friend, it’s important for them to know just how much you love them. It’s important because they are a part of your world, but to them, you are their whole world. As such, you’ve got to make time for them and let them know that you love them just as much as they love you. In this article, we’re going to be giving you examples of ways that you can do this, so keep reading if you want to find out more.

Take Them Out With You

The first thing that we’re going to suggest is that you take them out with you when you go around. Your cat isn’t going to want to stay at home all by itself all day, and if you’re going out for a walk or something, then there’s no reason they can’t come too. If you invest in something like a cat backpack carrier, then transporting your little friend isn’t going to be that difficult, and you don’t have to leave them behind. It works well for everyone involved!

You see it more often these days that people are carrying their cat around with them, and this should be the norm. It lets them know that you are there for them and that you want them to come with you when you can’t be at home. If they ever had any doubt as to where their home is, they can be sure that it is with you.

Spend Time With Them

You should also be spending as much time as you can with them. We just talked about taking them with you when you head out, but when you’re at home, let them spend time with you. Ensure that you have toys around for them to play with, and don’t just leave them to it. Get involved, throw the toy, have a tug of war competition, and let them win, do things that they are going to enjoy. Your cat has different needs than you, so playing with them is going to be an important part of their day. Engage with them on their level, and it’s going to make your connection that much stronger.

Lots And Lots Of Affection

Finally, make sure that you are showing lots of affection to your cat. We know that there are people who say cats don’t like affection because they like to roam around outside of their home, but this simply isn’t true. Patting your cat on the head or stroking it is a great way to bond with them and reassure that you love them. Not all cats like this, so be aware that if yours is giving you a signal not to do it, then don’t. It’s best to only do what they are comfortable with if you want to avoid being scratched. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now understand some of the ways in which you can ensure your furry friend knows they are loved. Keep this in mind at all times, and nobody is ever going to doubt it.

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  1. Needless to say that cats are more inclined to draw the owner’s affection even though they seem not to be. My Meeko cat at home always tries to be cool but she never stops coming close to me every evening before bed so I can pet her for a while.

  2. I think cats don’t really like going outside passively. I think they love to explore. At Catpicky, we have a small yard for cats and let them explore the areas around the company on their own.

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