Bad Kitty behavioral problems

Bad Kitty! Common Cat Behavioral Problems

Most of the time, cats are super cute. They will purr to themselves while sleeping on your lap or gently rub themselves up against your leg. They are very gentle creatures and are often extremely placid pets.

But what happens if your cat starts to misbehave? There are a few common behavioral problems that can be exhibited by some cats and, thankfully, they are all easy to solve. Read on for some more information!


When cats get bored or stressed, they might resort to scratching the furniture in your home. This can also occur when your cat has a flea problem that is driving them up the wall. So, you need to determine when it’s fleas and when it is just a way to vent some excess energy. If it is fleas, you can use a medication like Revolution for cats to try and get rid of them. Think your cat is scratching because of boredom? Why not buy them their very own scratching pole!

Bad Kitty behavioral problemsLitter Box Issues

One of the most complained about issues in cats has to be litter box problems. Kittens might not want to use their litter box for their business, and some older cats might just stop using theirs out of the blue. Firstly, you might want to talk to your vet as this could be a sign of a urinary tract infection.  If that isn’t the reason, you might just need to clean the box out more often. Cats are very clean animals and won’t be happy about doing their business in a dirty area.


There are lots of reasons why your cat might suddenly become aggressive. It could be a sign that their health is deteriorating, so you might want to take them to the vet. If the vet can’t see a problem and your cat hasn’t been neutered, it is worth getting that done. If that doesn’t work, it could be worth talking to an animal behaviorist. Remember that you should never hit your cat as a punishment as this will only make their aggression much worse.

Bad Kitty behavioral problemsKeeping You Up All Night

Do you constantly hear your little pussycat running around downstairs when you and your family are trying to get some sleep? Cats are actually nocturnal animals, so it isn’t uncommon for most cats to be awake once the sun goes down. But your cat might be extra active if they haven’t been getting enough exercise throughout the day. So, it’s worth trying to tire them out by playing with them for a bit every day. Cats also tend to sleep after eating a big meal, so you might want to try and change its feeding time. Put down a big bowl of food in the evening, and this will encourage sleep during the night.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some ideas about your cat’s behavioral problems. If you still aren’t any wiser, it is always worth having a quick chat with your vet about the problems.

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