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Top Trends in Pet Ownership and Care

A quick glance at every other (if not every!) pet-owning family around you, and you’ll notice something completely new is happening – the way pet owners are approaching pet ownership has drastically changed in the last decade and we’re now witnessing a pet trend that’s redefining pet ownership on a large scale. And who’s to “blame”? Millennials, for the most part. By now, we’re completely used to having Millennials change and redefine everything they get involved with and so – this change in pet ownership and care hasn’t really come as that big of a surprise.

Anyhow, here’s a quick look at what’s been happening with pet ownership recently.

Family redefined

It is no secret that pets have always been considered a part of the family; still, Millennials have taken this rule to a whole new level. As most Millennials are putting off getting married and forming families due to their ambitious career-chasing and living the life, they rely on their pets to fill the “family” gap. For the most part, Millennials (as well as the late Boomers) view owning a pet as a preparation for adulthood, helping them get used to the responsibilities that come with the adult life. However, apart from being a sort of groundwork for adulthood, pets also offer companionship which is yet another reason Millennials love them. In a world that’s often too hectic to handle, it isn’t hard for an average (single) Millennial to get lonely – and, that’s where pets jump in to mend the heartache. These days, pets aren’t just “another member of the family” – they ARE the family.

Smart nutrition and clever product choice is taking over

The pet food market is booming and the reason behind it is more than logical. With the increase in young adult pet ownership, pet nutrition values are changing as well. Prior to buying or adopting a pet, young owners are doing thorough pet nutrition research hoping to accommodate their pets’ complex dietary needs. Added, as organic and natural nutrition is taking over, pet owners are actively including their pets in this natural/organic craze, treating them more often to the balanced diet and natural foods such as Ivory Coat food and products. Added, pet owners are getting very conscious about their pet product choices, which is why the pet market is getting overflown with natural pet products, natural anti-parasite agents, toys of special materials, etc. After all, their pets are family – and family deserves the best!

Pet pampering

As the attitude towards pet ownership is rapidly changing from plain to luxurious, we’re seeing more and more pet pampering salons and shops come to life. From having their pets enjoy hairstyling, mani-pedis and even pet massages to booking luxurious pet hotels for their pets to reside in while the owners are away, it seems that pets are living the life. Some pet owners are even taking an extra step by treating their pet-family to tailor-made clothes, jewelry, and whatnot. What a time to be alive, right? Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this form of pet luxury but with customized services, every pet can enjoy a little bit of splash from time to time.

Pet tech is huge

Product innovation in the pet world is getting huge and everyone seems to be on board with the trend. From automatic feeders and smart leashes to microchip-enabled collars, pet tech seems to be on fire. While product consumption isn’t yet as big as expected, the sales managers are attributing that to consumers’ still getting used to what’s happening, and they predict that’s about to change soon. With the pet tech on the rise, it’s clear that even technology is turning to pets as the most profitable “audience”.

So, what are your favorite pet trends you’ve adopted?

Guest post by Zara Lewis

Zara Lewis is a regular contributor at Highstylife.com a full time animal lover. Passionate about creating a better world for the generations to come, she is a mum of two, raising them inseparably from their furry family members.

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