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The Best Indoor and Outdoor Cats

American Shorthair CatWhen discussing indoor and outdoor cats, you would get curious about the difference between them. However, you would want to know more about how indoor cats live and how outdoor cats live. This sometimes marks a big question in our minds to ask whether we have indoor or outdoor cats. This article will further discuss about the difference between each and the best indoor and outdoor cats you can own.

First, let me focus on indoor cats. An indoor cat has a certain quality, which suits with indoor living. This cat spends most of their time to laying down on their bed and play passively around the house or building only. They mainly eat food that is produced; they never eat things like rats, uncooked fish and other unwell-served foods. Their favorite toys they play with are generally a circle thing like a ball, and dolls. Indoor cats also get problems with their social interactions. This kind of cat is difficult to adapt to a new situation, which means they need to take a longer period to adapt in certain conditions like a new home, another cat, and another person who takes care of them.

Persian catsThese specifications of indoor cats are mostly suitable for those who want to have a pet, which doesn’t have any intentions to go out of their home. Breeds of indoor cats are Persian breeds, and other long hair cats. Persian cats are the best indoor cats you could have. Persian cats are cute and have a unique face that looks quite ‘funny’. This cat breed may appear as a funnier cat breed, on the other hand they will need special care like shampooing and bathing every week. Unless, you want your cat to have a dirty look and suffer from a common indoor cat disease like cat lice and so on. This cat will most likely punch your pocket since it is more expensive to keep happy than having an outdoor cat.

Now, let’s talk about outdoor cats. Outdoor cats are mostly more energetic and playful. They like running around your house and socializing with other neighboring cats. This cat likes eating mostly everything humans eat. This cat likes to eat uncooked food as well as small mice and fish. There is no long hair and this is because they mostly spend their time out of your home.

This cat breed is just like most of Asian cat breeds or even the American Shorthair cats. Most of these are awesome outdoor cats. Most outdoor cats are shorthaired cats, and are generally thinner than indoor cats because they are so much more active. Since they are so active they can go missing for days and then return unharmed, just because they felt like exploring.

Snow catGenerally speaking though, you cannot always tell whether your cat is going to be an indoor or outdoor cat because it also depends on their personality. You can get a cat that is generally an outdoor cat and he can surprise you and stay inside most of the time, this can also depend on his upbringing. You can also however expect your cat to stay more inside if it’s an outdoor cat during winter, especially the older they get, as they seem to not like the cold weather.

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