Steps for keeping a cat-friendly home tidy and odor-free

A cat can’t be your excuse for a messy and odorous house. Just like most people, you love your adorable cat, but you hate the clean-up. Nevertheless, you have to find the time to do it because cats leave bacteria, fur and dirt all over the house, especially if you let them go outside. The good thing is that you can make it easier on yourself, as long as you take enough care to clean up after them regularly. So, let’s see what can help you maintain your cat-friendly home clean.

Restrict your cat to the particular area

The first thing that will make you less busy with cleaning up is choosing the places where your cat can and can’t go. For example, you can teach it not to go to the kitchen or your bedroom, so you will have two rooms less to clean. Next, restrict your pet to its own bed – not yours. You will have less fur in your bed and fewer bed sheets to wash.

Mark an eating area

You have to determine an eating area, an outer room if the space allows. Also, you have to clean the cat’s dishes after a meal, just as you do with yours. Just adding food in a dirty bowl can spread bad smells around the house, and soon there will be bugs and bacteria in it. If you don’t have the time to clean it with hot water and dishwashing liquid, at least consider wiping it with a paper towel. Moreover, keep an eye on the floor around the eating area because it can get pretty dirty and smelly, too.

Control the odor

Airing out your house is sometimes simply not enough to get rid of the smell. You may be used to your cat’s odor, but your guests will notice it. Scented candles or sticks, or even air fresheners may help you, but you can also try removing odors by sprinkling baking soda in the cat’s smelly bed. Nevertheless, investing in a good air purifier can be a long-term solution for keeping unpleasant odors away. A quiet HEPA air purifier will keep your home odor-free, air will be even fresher, and it will help you get rid of dust, cat dander, mold, and allergens floating around your room.

Brush your cat

Although it’s hard to get rid of all the fur around the house, you can prevent it from spreading around fast. Daily brushing will keep the fur build-up in your home from getting too out of control, but try to do it outside if possible. Pets usually enjoy combing, and it takes only 5 to 10 minutes to do so.

Control the fur

With the right type of vacuum, you can keep your home fur-free. This is important if someone is asthmatic or prone to allergies. You should consider buying the one with high-grade filter and turbo tools for taking off fur from your floor and furniture. However, if you’re not a fan of dragging canister vacuum out of the garage every single day, another solution is a handheld vacuum. It’s great for upholstered furniture, floors, walls, etc.

Clean your clothes

You can clean the whole house, but if there is fur on your clothes, you will end up leaving fur all over the place. Luckily, lint removers can help both your clothes and furniture look hair-free. Also, you will have to wash your clothes and other materials more often, but a lint remover can help you even when your washing machine lets you down.

Find a good location for the litter box

The least pleasant aspect of having a cat is definitely cleaning the litter box. Moreover, there will probably be more mess outside the box than inside it. So put the box on hard flooring rather than a carpet because it is much easier to clean linoleum, wood or tile floors than it is to clean a stained carpet. Many people choose to put it in an infrequently used spare bathroom, or even in a bathtub. It’s definitely easier to sanitize and clean these places, and you won’t let the odor spread around the house.

“For the cat only” blanket

Choose one blanket that only your cat uses and put it in a place where your kitty particularly likes to snooze. It can be that left corner of the couch or a fort designed for cats, just make sure you opt for an easy-to-clean blanket made of natural fabrics. Don’t let the blanket get smelly and clean it regularly together with other cat’s stuff.

Although cats sometimes leave the fur and even dirt all around the house, they are still pretty clean animals. They clean themselves to protect against predators and to cool down, so they are helping you with the cleaning, too. Cats will make your house feel like home, so take good care of your pet and clean your house regularly in order to keep you and your cat healthy and odor-free.


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