Keeping Your Kitty Entertained

Cats are more likely to keep themselves entertained than dogs, and they also sleep a lot more. They often have short bursts of activity between their naps and do not usually require much entertainment. They like to sit with you or on your lap for some fuss, but apart from that, they are generally quite happy on their own.

There are times they cannot get out of the house though, and that is when they will become bored and destructive.  Keeping their mind alert will use up their pent-up energy and keep your furniture safe from scratching damage.


Something as simple as a laser light, like this one at Amazon, will occupy your cat for hours. Shine the light onto a wall and they will do their best to ‘catch’ it. Moving it around at a speed that is not unattainable for them will keep them interested.


Cats are inquisitive and like to see what is happening outside even if they are stuck indoors. Put a cushion on a windowsill for them, preferably one that they can see activity from. In between sleeps they will be very happy watching the world go by.

Cat Toys

There is no end of cat toys, like the ones at Pet Gear Lab, available, from toy mice to balls and even remote controlled ones. You may need to spend time playing with them with some of the cat toys, but that can be as much pleasure for you as it is for them.


Fish that are in a sealed tank so that your cat cannot actually get to them, will keep them amused for hours. It needs to be in a safe and secure position so they cannot knock it over, but if that is the case, they will keep you entertained watching them watching the fish.

Simple Things

We have all seen the scenario where a child is given a present and plays with the box instead of the new toy. Cats are similar and will be very happy having fun with a box or paper bag. Leave a couple lying around your home to keep your cat amused for quite a long time. Just make sure the box is either big enough for them to get into totally, and not just the right size for them to get their head stuck.

Scratching Posts

Cats love to scratch and you have no way of knowing until you own them whether they will scratch the legs of your furniture. You can stave that activity off though by providing them with a scratching post. Not all cats like these, and if yours does not, speak to your local pet shop about alternatives they may have for a cat to scratch on.

Safety At All Times

Cats like to play with feathers and bits of wool or string. These can be dangerous though as the cat can swallow them and choke. However you decide to entertain your cat, you must make sure that everything is safe for them, or that couple of hours of fun could turn into a nightmare.

Keep your cat safe and happy and you’ll have many wonderful years together!

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