How to look after a Sphynx

How To Look After A Sphynx

If you aren’t already familiar with a Sphynx cat – they’re the hairless ones. Now before you shriek, there are a lot of things you should know about the breed before making a judgment based on their looks.

Believe it or not, they are highly intelligent – one of the most intelligent species of domestic cats in the world in fact. They aren’t like your usual feline that comes home for some food, before leaving you again. – These are more like dogs, in which they are loyal, they will love you more than anything, and they need your attention otherwise they will end up depressed.

Due to their physical appearance, they require a lot more looking after, so if you plan on getting one – you need to be aware of what it involves, and ask yourself if you really have to time for that.


These cats need company, so if you think you can purchase one, but then go to work nine to five, Monday to Friday, while your kitty stays at home – you’re wrong. This cannot be done unless you plan on getting two, but even then it still isn’t fair. They crave human attention and need to feel that love from you, or (as humans) will end up sad and heartbroken. So if you don’t have time – don’t buy one.


As these are so unique (and so very expensive), they won’t be wandering off outside alone. This isn’t cruel though, as many people think it is. It would actually be cruel to let them because they won’t be able to fend for themselves, and they will get seriously ill, very quickly. – That’s if they haven’t been stolen already.

Sphynx’s are house cats, so you must buy enough things to climb around on and play with. Companies like gopetclub have all you need to ensure a stimulated, happy kitty.

If you do go out, you will need a lead and collar for you cat, so they are safe.


As they’re hairless, they are prone to more problems because they don’t have the fur to protect them. They will need baths – yes, baths. Sphynx actually love the water, but only need a bath once a week, just to remove any buildup of oils on their skin.

If it’s a hot sunny day, and you plan on taking your Sphynx out – they will need sunscreen otherwise they will burn, just like you would. Same goes for in the winter; they will need a jumper or something to keep them warm – not because it looks funny, but because they’ll be freezing if you don’t cover them.


You will have to clean out their ears too. You can do this with a wipe by just wiping away the excess ear wax. You should do this whenever it looks dirty; otherwise, it will irritate your cat’s ears and could end up with an infection.

You will never experience a love like what you will from a Sphynx cat, with any other feline. They are a truly incredible breed.

If you are getting a Sphynx kitten, please read our guide on how to look after a kitten.

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