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Hello Cat Lovers!

Hi everyone.

My name is Ryan and i am a Cat Lover! I know there are millions of other cat lovers in the world so come join me as i discuss everything about cats. Cats are amazing in every way. The way they walk, act, react etc. With this blog i will be discussing thing like Cat Food, whats can cats eat and what they shouldn’t, the best and worst cat food, cat food that is moist or dry. I will also be discussing what toys Cats love to play with, as some of you know that some cats lose their interest in toys the older they get. I will look into what can get your cat playful again even at old age. I will also be discussing what makes a cat happy, what kind of environments they like, what they enjoy doing etc. I may even discuss the benefits of having cat insurance.

So i hope i don’t bore anyone with my posts, as this is my first blog and i hope you enjoy everything, or at least some of the posts on here.

I will also be expanding the site as i go along, with adding a shopping area where you can buy things for your cats. I may even at a later stage add a photo gallery where any of you can add a photo of your kitty.

Hope to see you all soon!

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