Going Crazy? Some Of The Weirdest Pets You Can Own

We’re all for strange and wonderful animals here, but often some of the strangest animals are not able to become household pets. This could be down to a number of reasons but mainly it could be to do with the environment of your home. But don’t let that put you off embracing your love and interest for more unique animals.

Not everyone wants a dog or a cat. It’s as simple as that. Why should those two animals be our only port of call for animal companionship in our home. In recent years we have seen an increase in people considering other pets. Smaller animals like guinea pigs or hamsters. Stranger animals like reptiles cuh as lizards or geckos and even people considering snakes and tarantulas as pets. But, there are some even stranger choices to consider and I wanted to share with you some of the weirdest but yet very possible pets you could have.

The micro pig

There is a fascination with all things mini these days, and so it shouldn’t surprise you that the micro pig is a real valid option in the pet department. They are super cute, and they are relatively cheap to look after and easy to maintain. You need some outside space for your pig, and you also need to consider what they will eat. Thankfully, this is one of the easiest pets to buy for as they can even eat your leftovers and your scraps quite happily. However, don’t be fooled by their tiny cuteness, these micro pigs turn into rather big pigs as they get older. If this is a pet you are considering make sure you can accommodate the pig when they are full grown as well as when they are tiny.

A racoon

A racoon is a very valid pet option in some parts of the world and actually they can make for great companions. One of the best things about them, is they seem to eat just about anything, and they can be rather similar to a dog, if you like the idea of that sort of pet without following a majority. Buying food may be hard, but being similar to a dog could mean that food and snacks bought from places like Betsy Farms could be ideal. They are lovable and obviously once tamed through your ownership can be great additions to your home.

An octopus

If fish are really not doing it for you and you find them a little boring to watch, then maybe you need to go one step further and get yourself a pet octopus. That’s right, you can have your own octopus in your home. It could really liven up an existing tank you have, and they can be very interesting to watch. They don’t require much physical contact, party because they still may try and attack you, which is worth noting. But they can be a very low-maintenance pet to have and certainly a talking point amongst friends and family.

A giant African land snail

Ever used to be one of those kids hunting for snails in the backyard. Looking after them in a bucket in your garden, racing them even with friends, and finding them fascinating? If you did then a the giant African land snail could be the ideal pet for you. They may not be particularly cuddly or sociable, and you certainly may not want them climbing all over your furniture. Think of the slime residue and tracks! But, they can be extremely low maintenance and reignite that fascination you had when you were younger. Plus there will be no rushing back home to spend time with it constantly. Sound like the ideal pet for you?

A Fennec Fox

It might be difficult to admit, but a dog and/or a cat can be great pets, we all know that. A dog is fun and full of loyalty and companionship. They encourage you to exercise by taking them out for walks, and overall can be great additions to a family. A cat can be just as interesting and just as loyal. Needing affection and attention the moment you walk through the door. However, while many would argue that you are either a cat or a dog person, there are some people out there who just wouldn’t know how to decide between the two. If that is the case then a Fennec Fox is the ideal pet for you. The agility of cat mixed with the playfulness of a dog, what’s not to love about that? They are not too large either, meaning that they can be a great pet for a smaller home, and they have the added bonus of being very cute.

The Bengal Cat

Do you love tigers and lions? Perhaps you would love the idea of having one as a pet yourself. Maybe taking inspiration from the king in The Walking Dead. Which is a great TV show if you haven’t heard of it before. However, a tiger, lion or even a leopard are not viable pets these days, but a bengal cat could be the next best thing. They look like smaller versions of leopards and much larger than the standard cat. Giving you the best of both worlds.

A hissing cockroach

Finally, if creepy crawlies are more your thing, and you love the idea of having an unusual pet then look no further than the Madagascan hissing cockroach. They can be as big as your hand it would seem, which would either excite you or freak you out depending how you feel about these sorts of things. These particular insects don’t bite, sting or run fast, unlike a standard cockroach, so they can make great pets, surprisingly.

The idea of this article was to open your eyes to consider a different sort of pet to the standard dog and cat and cat we see so often. While having any one of those pets is not a bad thing at all, would you consider trying out a more unusual and crazy choice in the future? Which one of these weird and wonderful pet ideas would you have?

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