Cat Better Life

Give Your Cat A Better Life With These Top Tips

Today, I’m going to talk all about improving the quality of your cat’s life. Follow these tips, and your kitty will be all smiles:

Cat Better Life

A Place To Chill

You know, cats aren’t so different to humans. In some respects, I think we’re all secretly part-cat. We like to do a lot of things that cats also like to do. Primarily, cats love to chill. Cats love just laying down somewhere and chilling for hours on end. And, given the chance, we’d do the same! The thing with cats is that lazing around is an essential part of their nature. They need to rest up because they spend a lot of time going out and hunting. How many times has your cat disappeared for hours on end and returned the next day? It happens all the time, so, they need their rest.

The difference between cats and us is that we have a place to chill. If we get tired, we can relax on the sofa or our bed. Cats, well, they have to make do with whatever they can find. Sometimes, this means crawling under cars and chilling there. So, why not give your cat a nice place to chill? Buy them a comfy bed so they can sleep in it whenever they want to. You can even find pet houses for cats that will be great for relaxing in. Create a special place for your kitty and let them chill in peace. They’ll be a lot happier and will always come running home after a long day out.

Quality Cat Food

Again, I’ll stick with the cats and humans comparison here. What’s the one thing every human loves more than anything else in the world? (Not including your kitty of course) Food! We all love food, especially when it’s tasty. Give us a bowl of rubbish food, and we’ll push it away and won’t eat it. We’ll probably go on a hunger strike until we’re given nicer food. And, if that doesn’t happen, we’ll reluctantly eat the bad food and hate whoever forced it on us.

Happy CatIt’s the same with cats too. They love food, and they want good, nutritious, meals. If you chuck some poor-quality cat food in a bowl, they won’t eat it. They can’t live off your leftover scraps either; they need proper food. Get yourself some good quality cat food to feed your pet. There should be a mixture of wet and dry food. Both have their benefits, and your cat needs them. Now, your kitty will be extra happy and love you even more!

Regular Grooming

Am I going to make this post revolve around cat/human likenesses? It certainly seems that way as I have another comparison for you here! (I promise this wasn’t my intention, it just happened as I started writing, who knew cats and humans were so similar?!) For this point, I’m talking about grooming. As we live our life, our hair grows, as do our nails. So, what do we do? We cut them and make them look presentable. Is it just to look good? No, it makes us more comfortable too. Imagine walking around with hair that’s never been cut?

The same can be said for cats as well. Their fur and nails grow, and they need grooming. Not so much to look presentable, more to be comfortable. Some cats can grow out their fur incredibly long. This can be very uncomfortable, as it leaves them excessively hot. So, to give your cat a better life, you need to groom them regularly. Get their fur trimmed to a reasonable length whenever it gets out of hand. You can also trim their nails too, to ensure maximum comfort.


Finally, we arrive at my final tip for improving your cat’s life. And, once again, I will be comparing felines to human beings. This time, it’s all to do with health. As humans, if we can get vaccinations for diseases, what do we do? We’re encouraged to head to a doctor and get the vaccine immediately. It helps prevent illness and keep us in a healthy condition.

So, you need to do this for your cat as well. There are plenty of cat vaccines out there for them. When you first get your kitty, you should take it to a vet. They can get all sorts of health tests done and end up in better shape. Ask yourself, why wouldn’t you vaccinate your cat? Get it done, and they’ll live a better life.

Well, who knew cats and humans shared so many similarities? Treat your cat like you would treat any other human. Then, you’ll see their standard of life improve, and they’ll show you more affection.

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