Meowtel.com: the first and only cat boarding website has gone live!

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For all of you that are busy cat owners and travel junkies (whether for business or pleasure) out there, meowtel.com is going to be a your rescuer.

Meowtel BenMeowtel brings your kitties and the finest cat sitters in your local area together to make cat boarding a as easy as can be. All website visitors have to do is enter their zip code, the dates they need their kitty looked after, and presto, a wide range of cat host profiles will appear for you to choose from. Reliable and trustworthy cat hosts are reference checked by Meowtel before host profiles are made visible to the public – ensuring your little furry baby will be in good hands while you’re away. Cat owners have the opportunity to decide whether to allow hosts to watch their kitties in their own home or bring their kitties to the host’s home. No need to worry about cages or concrete walls from traditional cat boarders!

Meowtel also has animal shelters in mind through its exclusive Shelter Incentive Program. Any non-profit animal organization is permitted to sign up and post entries for cats in need of homes forever. When a homeless kitty is fostered out or adopted, Meowtel offers financial incentives to these shelters in order to cover operational costs and help lighten the burden. A purrfect win-win for all!

Meowtel WebsiteMeowtel is currently available for anyone to use in the U.S. with a special emphasis on major cities during the initial months. We encourage you to learn more about Meowtel and show your backing via their Indiegogo campaign!



Meowtel.com Indigogo Campaign

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  1. You are welcome to bring along your cat’s favorite blanket or toy. If it smells like home, it will help your kitty settle in. We request that all items are washable so we may wash and “freshen” them as needed. We suggest limiting your pet’s food and water intake the first day of boarding and on homecoming day.

  2. If you are lucky enough to be a multiple cat family, you may board cats together in our Double, Triple or Condo Suites. However, only cats from the same owner are permitted to share a suite. Your cats will never come in physical contact with other boarders.

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