Benefits of Letting Your Cats Go Out

pexels-photoCaution: It is important that you understand the risks of letting your cats go out. There are definite benefits and at the same time, there are risks too depending on where you live. If you live in a place where you do not have to deal with a highway or cars, it is safe to go and let your cats go out.

On the other hand, if you are living in an apartment where cars are everywhere around the building, it is never a good idea to let your cats go out. It can create serious accidents which we do not want.

Now, as we are done with the caution part, it is time to get into the article. What are the benefits of letting your cats go out anyway? Also, please understand that we are not talking about using a cat carrier or something similar to go out with your cat. We are talking about letting your cat go out like a strong human being.

Cats are Curious Animals

Cats are super curious when it comes to exploring the world. They say butterfly is the most curious type among all but they are nothing when it comes to cats. If you are a cat parent, you know it yourself. Cats find things like boxes amazing and interesting, they play with lasers and they keep on unrolling toilet papers. What do these say about them?

Yes, they are curious and when you let them go out, they love the experience. You will often find out that your cat is not even going very far from your door which is normal. You do not have to push it.

Cats Get Bored

It is true especially if you have only one cat at home. No matter how much time you spend with your cat, your cat will get bored at one point. There are two solutions ahead of you. Either you can make things interesting for your cat by going for things like cat toys, trees and etc. Or, you can also let your cat go out.

Again, we cannot state this enough that letting your cat go out is always risky so refer to that caution we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Overweight Issue

Petmd tells us that more than 50% of all cats in this world are overweight. That is a huge number and you should make sure that your cat is not one of them. Cats like to play at their early age and as days go by, they become lazier. Your task is to make their days interesting to make sure that they can fight well with obesity.

Obesity might look cute to some people but it is scary at the end of the day. Overweight brings a lot of health issues that you should never want to deal with. What is the solution then? Well, one of the solutions is to let your cats go out.

If you have a yard looking place, then the whole thing becomes really easy. Fence your yard and cat-proof it before you let your cats go out. They will love the experience.

Now, there are other benefits too of letting your cat go out but that contradicts with some fundamental points of cat parents. For example, if you do not want to neuter or spay your cat then a good idea can be to let your cat go out and have fun so that it does not cry! But as neutering or spaying is the better solution, we won’t be asking you to do that.

So there you go! This were the benefits of letting your cats go out. Depending on where you live, it can be super fun. Your cat will have great times and it won’t be able to thank you enough, that is what we can tell you with certainty.

Guest Bio: Hi, I am Khalid, the founder of Meowtee.com & a proud owner of two cats. I don’t consider myself a cat expert but hey, when you live with cats for more than 15 years, you get to know some stuff, right? Apart from my cat life, I am an entrepreneur & blogger. Cheers

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