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5 Interactive Cat Toys

For those cats with an active imagination, and for those cat owners with a desire to provide hours of entertainment for their cats, here are a few interactive cat toys to stimulate your cat’s imagination and to give your cat much needed exercise.

First, there’s the Roll & Pop Cat Ball. This is a ball about 4 1/2″ in diameter with 6 small holes in it. Toy mice peek their heads out of the holes as the ball is rolled on the floor. This is a toy that will intrigue your cat for hours, as she tries to ‘catch’ the mice.

The Peek-A-Prize Toy Box is great for hunters. This is a small wooden box, 13 1/2″ square, with holes all over the box. The lid opens and you place your cat’s favorite toy or treat inside and watch as the cat attempts to get the toy or treat through one of the holes. This toy is as much fun for the cat’s owner as it is for the cat himself, as they watch the cat try to obtain the treat.

The Ball of Furry Fury is an open ball made of rubber (looks like bamboo the way it’s designed), with a toy mouse inside that squeaks whenever the ball is rolled. According to the manufacturer, the mouse squeak is the same frequency and volume as a real mouse, so this will probably keep your cat’s attention for a long time.

One of the most interesting interactive cat toys on the market is the Fling-ama-String. This toy was the winner of Cat Fancy’s Editor’s Choice Award and Backer Show’s Best New Product. It’s a little hard to describe but here goes. Basically it’s a long rectangular contraption that hangs from a doorknob with a belt attached that vibrates continuously, as long as it’s turned on. The vibration causes a long, colorful string to fling around for your cat to play with. There are two separate speeds, so you can set it to vibrate faster or slower, which causes more or less motion with the string. When the cat grabs the string, the vibration ceases until the cat releases the string, then it begins again. This looks to be a truly innovative and imaginative toy. I cannot imagine any cat not liking it.

Last but certainly not least, there is the Thrill Of The Chase, which is a wheel that features a toy mouse spinning around on an inner wheel inside the outer wheel. It’s a lot like the ‘ball inside the wheel’ toy, only this one looks to be a lot more desirable for a cat, as the mouse looks truly realistic. There are three side and three top access holes and the mouse squeaks every time the cat’s paw touches it.

With all these interactive cat toys on the market, there’s sure to be something to please even the most finicky cat and to give the cat’s owner a little amusement too.

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By Jeff Anderson

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