11 People Foods Your Cat Can Eat

Your cat may seem like it eats anything that falls onto the floor or that is left out for more than a few seconds. But that doesn’t mean that all that food is good for your cat. In fact, many of the foods you commonly eat that are nutrition for you are actually bad for your cat. You have to be careful about what types of human foods you give to your feline friend, and you are usually safer just giving your cat food that is designed specifically for it.

Still, there are some human foods that can become a part of your cat’s regular diet and that are perfectly fine for the cat to digest. We are going to cover some of the ones that are most nutritious for your cat or that are foods you will be most likely to have available to give your cat.

Most Protein

Cats are carnivores, which means that most of their diet should consist of meat, especially protein rich foods. These kinds of foods will build muscle and give them the energy they need to be active. You probably eat a lot of meat as well, unless you are a vegetarian. If you make some extra chicken or beef when you cook for yourself, it is usually fine to give some to your cat.

Cats can safely eat turkey, chicken, lamb, lean beef, liver and lunchmeat. The meat you give it should be skinless, fully cooked and low fat, in most cases. It’s okay to give your cat some meat with skin and fatty tissue, but it should not become a regular habit. Uncooked meat is often safe, but it can carry pathogens that are just as dangerous for your cat as they are for you.


Speaking of protein, cats do well with eggs too. These just need to be fully cooked, so scrambled eggs, easy over and hardboiled eggs are all great choices. While they may happily eat raw egg, it is not very good for them, just like it would not be good for you.


This is another food that is good for cats, or just about any carnivore. It contains loads of fiber, making it heart healthy and helping to keep your animal active. Make sure the oatmeal is fully cooked, as raw oatmeal will not only be unsavory for your cat, it won’t be very healthy for it either.

Cooked Corn

Some cats will eat and tolerate veggies and others won’t, so you should be careful to what non-meat items you feed your cat. Corn is fairly likely to appeal to your feline, though, especially if it is boiled or otherwise cooked and soft.


This common fruit is full of potassium that’s very healthy for your cat. You can serve it raw, frozen or blended into a paste. You can figure out how your cat likes it best, but only make it a small part of the cat’s diet.


The stereotype that cats love fish is pretty accurate, but that doesn’t mean you need to constantly feed your cat fish. Too much will drain their Vitamin E reserves, but a little bit of fish is very healthy for your cat. It contains nutritious oils that boost heart health. Salmon and tuna are the best options for your cat.


Here is another fine fruit you can feed your cat on a fairly regular basis. Blueberries have lots of antioxidants, so they are good for keeping your cat safe from infections and sleaze. This can be served raw, frozen or blended.


It’s okay to give your cat some bread, especially whole grain bread. Too much of it won’t be good for your cat, though, and it will clog up your cat’s digestive system. Feed your cat bread only sparingly.

Sweet Potatoes

Your cat is more likely to eat sweet potatoes than regular potatoes, and these potatoes are healthier for it as well. You can boil and mash the potatoes for the best results. Your cat may not eat it otherwise.


This grain has a unique retexture to it that most cats really like. The small, easily digestible texture of the grain is easy on your cat and goes down without a problem. It’s also quite healthy, so it is a good choice for cats of any age. Just be careful about feeding your cat too much of anything that isn’t protein rich.

Cooked Greens

There are the greens that cat tend to eat without any fussing and that are pretty good for their health. They include broccoli, cucumbers, asparagus, green peas and green beans. You can cook these to make them palatable and digestible.

These are just some of the best foods to give your cat that you might also eat. You don’t have to go and buy any of these special for your cat, but if you have some extra when you make a meal, they can serve as a nice treat and a change of pace from what your cat is probably used to eating.

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